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Gratitude is one of the most underrated, life-altering, success traits ever. I call it a success trait because having it can accelerate the process of becoming truly successful. Being thankful might not seem to be a likely contributor when it comes to achieving goals and living dreams, but it most certainly is. Research the studies of the benefits of gratitude and you'll see how critical it is to you, your wellbeing, your career, your relationships, your emotions and the health thereof. Imagine what a positive increase to each of those areas in your life can do for you. This is why research also shows how gratitude will lead to your overall happiness.

You might wonder if being grateful is so powerful, why isn't everyone pouring over the opportunity to show it and live it? One reason is that we live in a time where most of the media presented to us tells us we're not good enough. The majority of the news programs try to tell us that the world is a horrible place, either consciously or subconsciously discouraging the hope of many. Another reason gratitude isn't popular among the masses is due to the microwave-success era we're living in. So many people want to fast track their success that patience, diligence and appreciation of both the grind and the reward fall by the wayside. Trying by any means necessary to hasten the process of successful living will only take you further away from your true being and purpose, leading you closer to the realm of greed. Though greed may fatten your bank account, in the long run it does more damage than good. And if you're not prospering in every area of your life, you won't be truly successful.

A few minutes a day of sitting still and thinking over all the things you're grateful for can change not only your outlook but also the world around you. It can open up new opportunities that others would miss because of their closed-fisted attitude. You know, in your heart of hearts, that there's more for you out there of which is attainable. But more importantly, you know there's more in you. You're capable to get whatever it is you seek, if you open yourself up to change and higher thinking. And gratitude will prime your mind, body and spirit for just that.

I've created a quick exercise to help get you started on becoming gratitude-conscious, which inevitably assists you on your journey to greater living. Print and fill out this one-page form below simply called "My Gratitude List". It will guide you in the process of living in gratefulness. Make it a part of your daily routine and the benefits you experience will astound you.

I'm living proof that transitioning from grumpy to grateful changes the whole world around us. Now let it do the same for yours.