I'm a huge fan of businesses that carry a mission much greater than what it can do for their bank accounts.

As an entrepreneur, I know the amount of time, resources, blood, sweat and tears that's involved with just running a business, let alone a successful one. But the businesses below are doing it, and doing it well.

They're goal to empower others has remained, which is why it's a privilege and an honor for me to be involved. Check them out.


I've partnered with VURS Clothing Co. to be one of their many influential platforms utilized in the global fight against human trafficking. Support VURS and join the movement. 

Visit their website to learn how you can do your part.

Click the link to view my collaboration tees "VURSxRiseHigher" by VURS Clothing Co. 

One of the founding principles behind, Detroit-owned, Bellwether Fashion, is to become who you want and not who society/media tells you to be. Bellwether is "a unique expression of life, art & faith through fabric."

I myself have aspired to be "a bellwether" through, founder & CEO, Jermaine James' lifestyle of leadership, long before it became a fashion. It's an honor to be involved with this revolution.

Learn more on how to become a Bellwether by visiting their website.

Click for free music downloads from Jermaine and follow him on Twitter for updates on the movement.