Where are we going?


Life can be a train wreck when we don’t know what track we’re on.


  I grew up without a father and my mom worked double shifts, so discipline was scarce in my household. It forced me to learn a lot of things through trial and error. For example, I realized that smart-mouthing an adult wasn’t a good idea after being sent flying off of a porch from a punch in the chest by my friend’s step-father for saying “Get out my face, I’m not talkin’ to you”.

  Aside from my passion for basketball, I didn’t have any particular direction I wanted to go in otherwise. I navigated through life as it came to me. If I didn’t feel like going to class, I didn’t go, even if the bad grades would affect my eligibility. If I felt like smoking or drinking, I did that, even if it might damage my health. Countless other misguided decisions stemmed from that carelessness, yet I still complained about things not going my way. I complained about not being able to play the second half of my freshman year in high school due to ineligibility. I complained about not having the incredible college career I had hoped for, even though most of my free time was spent doing the wrong things and not in the gym.

  It wasn’t until I got ahold of a vision for my own life that I began to see life and its circumstances change almost miraculously. As my vision grew and became clearer (as it continues to), I was able to see what was holding me back (both externally and internally), cultivate my strengths and move forward with power. Now my whole world is changing before my eyes. Now I can walk in my dreams and live it out every single day. It all started with a vision.

  What is your vision? Do you have one? Without a vision, we can find ourselves stuck in that familiar cycle of pain, disappointment and stagnation for months or even years. Of course, it’s possible to not have any specific goal whatsoever and still fall into an opportunity of a lifetime out of the blue. However, more often than not, a visionless existence leaves us at risk of falling into the struggle of a lifetime, seemingly, out of the blue as well.

  So, again, what’s your vision for your life? We can’t expect to get anywhere if we don’t have a destination. Now, having one doesn’t guarantee we’ll reach it entirely the way we envision it or in the timing we might want it. But when we have a vision that resonates with us, it can give us a clear idea of what works for us, what doesn’t; who elevates us toward our vision and who drags us away from it.

  If you want to get the best out of the life you have (regardless of where you are now), it starts with having a vision. All the faith in the world can’t save you from a head-on collision if you’re on the wrong track going in the wrong direction. And no one in this world can take your train all the way to your dream stop, besides you. So if you’re not the conductor, then who is? One way or another the train is moving. Make sure you know where it’s headed.

  1. Sit down & write out your vision (goals, dreams, etc)
  2. Revisit it on paper & in mind (especially during difficult times)
  3. Understand that God already gave everything you need to fulfill it
  4. Go get it

  Diana hit it on the head when she sang "Do you know where you're going to? Do you like the things that life is showing you?" If we can answer those and make the right adjustments, there's no limit.

But before you see it in fruition, you have to see it in your mind.

Have a vision!

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Posted on March 18, 2014 .