What happens vs How you respond


This one's gonna be quick because, let's face it, we both have stuff to do. But take a look around. No, not at the room you're in. Look at your life. Is it where you want to be? More importantly, is it moving in the direction of where you ultimately want to be? I can't speak for you, but I know I have my own grievances sometimes with the things that life seems to throw at me at random. Most people do. The concern, though, shouldn't fall on what we're hit with. If we're to get to where we want to be in this life, our minds need to be fixed on how we respond to whatever comes our way.

Life happens. Others may use different phrasing for that, but how ever you cut it, it's the truth. The fact of the matter is life isn't going to slow down nor speed up to accommodate your wants, especially if you're not able to get out of the victim mindset. This is the thinking that causes a self-pity party anytime something unideal happens. Things happen to us for reasons known and unknown, fittingly and uncomprehendingly, acceptably and unacceptably. It doesn't matter. Take what you can to learn from it, if you can. And never repeat the mistakes that may have caused the stuff to hit your fan in the first place. Doing the same thing over and over again, and yet expecting different results is insanity, by the way. But, overall, our focus has got to be on taking these events in our lives and flipping them so that they work for us, directly or indirectly. What I mean is, the situation may not do anything more than piss you off, but it can work for you indirectly by giving you an opportunity. An opportunity to practice taking things with a grain of salt and moving forward despite the hiccup in the road.

This life is all we got. The laws of nature aren't going to change and things will happen to us or around us even as our most successful self. It doesn't get any better than this unless you take it upon yourself to be conscious of where you're going and how you're getting there.

This year, you're not letting these boulders in the road get in the way of you breaking the tape at the finish line. This year, little stuff won't trump your big dreams and goals. This year will be stronger than the last. So take another look around. What you should see now is opportunity. You have everything you need to overcome and overachieve. Take it and run with it.