Transition: Feed & be fed


Alright, so this evening I randomly scrolled down my twitter timeline, like I normally do. But, for some reason, this particular session jumped out at me. I don’t follow too many people, but I noticed that a lot of the tweets (or retweets) were either of nonsense or other people just wanting to be noticed by the person RT’ing the message. Almost immediately I thought about my own 8,500+ posts from the years past (Yes, I remember all of them). Was I so caught up with being noticed that my only social activity has been to promote myself for the sake of promoting myself? For the first 5,453 tweets, yes, it’s very likely. And the thought made my stomach gurgle. That, or the KOPIKO Astig © 3-in-1 Strong and rich coffee I slurped down earlier. (Kelly is not affiliated with, an endorser of, nor being paid by the Kopiko Corp...yet)


For the past couple of years, I’ve been at a place where if I’m not adding positive influence to someone else’s life then I’m not fully using the platform God gave me. It’s why I stayed up 'til 3am and woke up at 7am for a year (while playing professional basketball) trying to finish Rising Higher. I knew my story and the angle by which I wrote it would, at the least, give one person a fresh perspective on how to stand toe to toe with life. Since, I’ve gotten hundreds of emails, calls, texts and tweets on how it did something either in mind or heart, or both.

I don’t share that to brag or boast (completely) but to lead into the heart of this message. I believe it’s time we start to transition from looking to be noticed into adding quality to life. We were all created unique and we each bring a quality that no one else in this life can bring. If we get caught up in how everyone else in doing it, there’s no way we can discovery our own uniqueness. And if we're not proactive in the use of our potential influence, it'd be a tragic loss to the world.


Along with what we bring to the table, we need to be conscious of what we take from it. With all the reality shows and gossip news channels, celeb watching is at an all-time high. (To give you a clear contrast, I tried searching for how celebrities were sought after in the 1960s. But the first few search results that came up were “Famous people with schizophrenia”, “people with hepatitis C” and “electroshock therapy treatment”, so I’ll just move on.) There’s nothing wrong with following a million people. But if those folks aren’t challenging you, encouraging you or giving you anything to improve your today, how might it affect your tomorrow? There’s enough trash going around on the World Wide Web but the less we take in, the less we put out. (Kelly is not affiliated with, an endorser of, nor being paid by the www.© either...yet)




  1. Be the unique you that no one else in this world was created to be.
  2. Use your qualities to bring newness to someone else.
  3. Consider who influences you. If you take in positive, positivity will find a way to surround you.


I believe the decision to make the transition from self to others will pay great dividends to you and the world around you.


Now go check your Twitter© feed. (Kelly is not affiliated with, an get it.)






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Posted on March 13, 2014 .