I Hate Prednisone. (repost from 2011)

“Hi, I’m Kel and I have ITP.”


 Sometimes I wish there was an ITP-Anonymous group that I could join. Specifically for those ITPians that, like me, have to take that God awful medication called Prednisone (I like to call it Mr. Preddy or Preddy Kruger, among others). Maybe I should start a Prednisone Anonymous group myself. Everyone sitting around, showing their most recent, wicked bruises and sharing their own horror stories of how Mr. Preddy has tried to destroy some aspect of their lives. There would be so many complaints that we would all have to follow each other on Twitter and start a tag #WeHatePredFlinstone.

We’d tweet about the different ways we’ve tried to handle those nights when Preddy just won’t let us sleep #insomnia. We’d complain about the way we look in comparison to before, even though we still work out #slowedmetabolism #fasterappetite. And how irritating it is to get a remark like ‘Everybody goes through that after pregnancy’ Dude, I’m a dude. #moonface #dontpunchhim

I’d share my perspective as a professional basketball player, as everyone in our twit-group would be either a student, homemaker or entrepreneur so that I’d feel special (yes, the moderator can do that). I would flood their timelines daily with hundreds of tweets: how I had so much energy before practice, but by the end of my fifteen minute drive there, I was drained #tiredtweet

How on one day I can get my nose broken and be okay with it, but on the next, if I accidentally miss a hole while stringing my shoe, I’d be ready to stab the ball with my car keys #bipolartweet

How I hate the hospital but have had to go almost every other week for nearly three years, to get needles jammed in my arm and hand, only for the doctor to tell me that my condition hasn’t changed and to be careful on the court #frustratedtweet #whatsnew

How every morning I waste five minutes of my life by staring at my weekly medication container, going over the pro’s and con’s of not ever taking Pred Savage again #thewonderyears #nochoicetweet

Then I’d twitpic every new bruise I got from the game that night #beatTHAT #purpleblueANDyellow.

But as much as I hate going through this whole ITP ordeal, dealing with the side effects of prednisone and frequently going to the hospital for blood tests, I try to remember a few things (I try hard):


  1. God has a plan for me, regardless.
  2. There’s always someone going through hardships much worse than me, and
  3. There’s someone that will benefit from me going through this.


Number three, aside from trying to honor God and my family, is always in the back of my mind, especially on those days when I want to throw my up hands in defeat and quit. It was also one of the biggest reasons why I wrote my book, Rising Higher.

In a nutshell, I did great early on in my career then ITP threatened both my life and career, yet I’m still here. Granted, I’m nothing like I used to be as a player, but I’m also not how I used to be a person. Its been almost three years that I’ve been living and playing under these conditions. Despite its downs, the circumstance has helped me to mature, I became more responsible at taking care of my body and through the testing of my faith, I’ve learned to trust God more.

It’s still a major struggle on most days, and I’m not the easiest person to be around on others #WifeAgreestweet. But I believe that the Lord is with me no matter what. And whether it’s encouraging a person to know Christ or giving them hope to move forward despite dreadful circumstances, I believe that my story will encourage someone. If it’s only one, I’ve done my job. #lasttweet #dolcegustoTime


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Posted on December 29, 2011 .