Be you, not them.


You ever feel like everyone is caught up in the hype of every new trend? And being that you’re not even slightly interested, you feel like you’re the crazy one? Don’t worry. You’re definitely not alone. It’s like everyone’s mesmerized by the lifestyle of the rich and famous, swayed by all the newest fashion trends, with priority set on staying up to date with the latest lingo. Well, it seems that way because, for most, it is that way, some not even aware of it. But why? I often sit and wonder why people are so captivated by other people’s lives and find it so important to be up to the minute with whatever’s trending.

There was a moment in time when I thought my detachment from the social hype was a defect, so I tried forcing myself to dive into the trendy game. It lasted all of two weeks before I realized it just wasn’t me. I know what I like to wear and what I’m comfortable in, and it doesn’t look cool at all, however, I love it. The only reality television I watch consists of home renovations. I love that. My cell phone upgrades came faster than I’d like because they were given to me for free, but even then it takes me forever to update the software unless I absolutely have to. I still use words like “tight” or “sick” to describe things I like. I’m so far out of the loop that my son already navigates through an ipad quicker than me. He’s five. But it’s okay. I know what I like, I know what I don’t like. I know what works best for me in order to get things done, I know what’s just a plain distraction. Even more importantly, I know the difference between helpful and useless knowledge. I don’t know how it was for you to get to this point, but for me, I had to make a conscious decision to drift away from what everyone else seems to be drawn towards. I didn’t force myself to get away from it, I just no longer went against my grain to try and figure out what the different hypes were about. I found that the more I embraced my individuality, the less pressure I felt to look normal. I also became more productive, keeping focus while working toward goals. The freedom from trying to fit in with the “norm” allowed me to write my first two books, realize my own value and even attempt to inject positivity into other people’s lives in different ways.

I may be way off with this description. This might not be you at all. It could just be me, but I highly doubt it. If this is you, know that you’re not crazy. You’re unique. God made you to be unique. There’s no one else in the universe like you. We were all made unique. But the sad truth is that so many want to be someone they’re not in order to fit within the loop. You don’t have to try to be you. You just have to be you. You were made for something that this world or someone can positively benefit from. But you it’s hard to know what it is when you’re trying to keep up with the Kardashians. Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with being up to date with all those things and trying to be the hip girl or cool guy. But originality and uniqueness is becoming a rare thing, and the world could use more of it. Find out who you really are. Embrace who you really are. Value who you really are. Love who you really are.

You’re worth it. 


Be you, my friend.