In the wake of loss

Damnit. Booted out of the finals last night.

It was my 10th appearance on the big stage, and it's been awhile since the last. 6 chips to my career though, so it's hard to ask for much more from the game. Read my book, Rising Higher, and you'll understand why. I've been blessed. 

Nevertheless, for true competitors, losing is never something you get used to nor want to accept. However, it's part of the game, in sport as is in life. 

Through gritted teeth and stress-induced aneurysms, I've learned a couple things: 1. that it's not about what happens to you, it's how you respond to it that matters most (I blogged on that before...looonnng ago) & 2. one success or one failure doesn't have to define who you are. 

So, today, despite having lost last night (to a hell of a team, I must add), I'm whole. Wins and losses don't define who we are. Our belief system, what we stand for, and who we fight for is what gives us the ability to move on through hard times and appreciate the good.

We are more. 

Great week ahead!