It's about time

So whatcha you think about my updated site? I think it’s pretty good. I mean it’s definitely more my speed: simple. Now, my wife says I can be difficult at times (most of the time) but she even agrees that the site is “simple and clean”, as she put it.


A lot’s happened since I last posted a blog: I authored my first book, won three championships, had a second child, retired from basketball, came back to basketball, and, thankfully, gotten off “Mr. Preddy”. Seems like a lot, right? Well, yeah, because it is. It’s been over three years. And with all the events that’ve happened in the world, the only thing I really wish would’ve went down was that Pacquiao/Mayweather fight. C’mon, man! They should’ve fought at least three times by now and been billionaires. Instead, Manny fought Ms. USA while Floyd allegedly put his money where his Broncos were. But at least we have that Timothy Bradley fight to look forward to... [crickets] No? Nothing? You’d rather watch Manny in that pillow fight, you say?  Boom! <---Granted.

All that aside, I’m excited about having this up and running again. I’ll be adding videos, blogs, cool information and posting them much more consistently than every three years. The focal point is to bring content that will motivate and inspire you to pursue your God-given greatness. I don't care how young or seasoned you are. I’ve learned that you can gain even the slightest bit of knowledge from the most unexpected places. And, in any case, the foundation of what it takes to be successful doesn’t change with age. It only gets stronger or weaker as the years pass, depending on what you put in to get where you need to go.


This is your time! You have what it takes to start making the most out of your life. So stop doubting yourself. And let’s enjoy this journey to #risehigher together.


Read the blogs, watch the videos, leave comments, RT, @ and holla at me if you see me.


Much love,


Posted on February 16, 2014 .