Don't let Katy P's divorce close your 2011

   As another year comes to an end, most usually take this time to reflect on both the good and the bad that had transpired in their own personal lives throughout 2011. Setting a new year's resolution (or twelve) is probably the most significant and widespread ritual when starting the new year. Whether it's trying to shed a few pounds, kicking the cancer sticks or loving your spouse better, many people make a conscious effort to make the new year better than the last. Following through with the resolution is a different story, but having a heart to change for the better is always a good thing. At least you tried. I don't think anyone's sitting at home right now, thinking 'How can I destroy myself or somebody else to ring in 2012?' And if they are, they have problems.

   This is just my friendly reminder to take a little time before the ball drops to reflect on 2011 and how it unfolded for you; good or bad. If it was good, be thankful and look forward to better things. If it wasn't that great, you can leave it in 2011 and still look forward to great things! New year; new beginnings. But keep in mind: turning over a new leaf calls for action on the part of the one looking for a fresh start. And don't let random negativity like Katy Perry's divorce, for example, cloud this special time of reflection and gratitude. End this year with positive, forward thinking!

   I'm very thankful for my wife, son, family, friends, Talk N' Text, the PBA and all its fans. I thank God that He allowed me to experience greatness in 2011 and brought me through every trial I faced.

   Are you thankful? Say it, share it, live it. Hoping for change in 2012? Baby steps towards your goals are better than none ever taken.

Here's a link to some good New Year's resolution ideas, in case you're still making your list:


God bless you, thanks for reading and have a great 2012!


© 2011 Kelly Williams

Posted on January 24, 2014 .