Write it down, make it happen!

Ever since I was kid, I had dreams of doing all sorts of things: playing ball for a living, fixing things properly (see RISING HIGHER), traveling, painting, drawing, driving nice cars, making music, meeting amazing people, on and on the list goes. I'm still the same way today. I have a laundry list of to-dos, must-dos, and wish-tos.

The difference between then and now: I started writing out my dreams and made plans to make them happen. Some of them came to pass, many of them are still underway. Success or no, putting things in motion negates the possibility of regret for never trying.

It's time to stop wishing. There are dreams to attain. Write that shit down and start making them a reality!

We are more.




Posted on August 14, 2017 .

Don't look back 👀 😑(short)

Sometimes, we make huge strides that bring us closer to our ultimate goals. It feels amazing. Other times, it feels like we've hit a wall. It feels not so amazing. At that point, we have to make a decision: keep learning, recalibrating, and fighting for that next step forward? Or do what a lot of people do: wallow, shrink, and do nothing at all? I've done the latter too many times. I still find my self there occasionally, honestly. But now it's only for a short period of time then I'm back on the horse and going for mine.

In those standstill times, however, it's human to want to curl into the fetal position and wish we hadn't taken those initial steps in the first place; wondering what could've been had we not ever began this journey. Maybe that's just me...but I doubt it.

In any case, don't look back. Yes, look over your process to see where you might need to adjust. Give the trotted path a glance to see what you can do better. But you've worked too hard and come too far to look back in hopes of escaping the current hardships and abandoning the journey. Endure, persevere, rise higher. This is all part of the adventure towards everything we've wished for.

It's time to separate our selves from the pack and push past the threshold that stunts the average go-getter. Only the greats see the other side. And we possess the power to penetrate the gap. Exercise your greatness this week.

We are more.


Posted on August 7, 2017 .

They Don't Need To Know (short)

Not everyone needs to understand our grind: what we go through daily, what we've been through, how hard we work, or why we do it. Not everyone will understand even if you tried to explain anyway. But, let's keep those things in mind for our own motivation and reminder. That way, we'll always have reasons to look past the bullshit in life, allowing us to focus our energy and mental capacity on the greater things lying along the path that proceeds.

Blessed week ahead...

We are more.



Posted on July 31, 2017 .

Go open a damn book!

For real! Any book. Intake some knowledge outside of yourself to stimulate your brain and keep your mind sharp. You don't even necessarily have to learn anything from it either (though I think there's a very slim chance that you won't learn ANYTHING by its end). Worst case, it's an opportunity to experience life from a different angle through the author or characters of the story. AND you can say at least you tried something productive and/or out of the norm (if reading isn't your thing).

Look, life is ever-changing. In nature, a seed doesn't remain a seed, its grows and evolves into something that, later on, will give life or nourishment to some other form of life. There's all sorts of ways to expand our minds and evolve into what we were uniquely created to be. This week, as just one avenue toward personal growth, I'm suggesting you crack open a book this week.

Keep nurturing your self and your seeds so that later on you can give some form of life, support, positivity, etc to the next person. God knows we all could use more people like that on our planet.


Go have a look at my book, Rising Higher, while you're looking for something to read, at www.kellywilliams21.com/shop

Posted on July 24, 2017 .

Fad or no, results are up to you

(Approx. 2.5 min read)

We can easily find 1000s of books and millions of people that are more than willing to steer us in the direction of a health fad, diet, or workout. And, honestly, some of the ideas and theories out there are ridiculous. I read about the Japanese towel method which can supposedly help you lose belly fat by just laying on a towel. I mean, it might actually work, but...c'mon son.


Truth is, though, a lot of these methods (regardless of how insane they may seem) really do work. They work if they're implemented correctly. They work if they're done consistently. And they work by being implemented period.


Do it correctly

Whether it's everyday calisthenics or basic weight lifting workouts (bench press, squats, curls, etc), if they're not performed properly, they won't produce the expected results. Even worse, poor form can cause injury.


Do it consistently

It doesn't matter how perfect a thing can be executed. If it's not done consistently, the expected results won't be achieved. If a program calls for 3 workouts a week or 7 (though 7 isn't advisable), stick to it. It's hard to get the abs that we see on the late night infomercials if we only do half the work required.


Do it period

At the end of the day, if we don't eventually put in that time and proper effort, we can't expect to reach our goals at all. We can't spend our time wishing and hoping, then expect our dreams to fall into our laps. If we're waiting for the conditions to be perfect before we start making moves, we'll never take the necessary first step. The conditions rarely ever are perfect, if ever at all. Just go.


These simple guidelines really are just how success in life works, right? Most of us have goals and dreams (and if not, you should). If we want to give ourselves the slightest chance at reaching them, it's gonna take a commitment to doing the right things at the right time.


PS. A written goal is an attainable one. (But that's for another post)


We are more.



Posted on July 17, 2017 .